Buffalo PSCBasinArea sq kmCVN
CVNBonaparte 134250% *
Advance Energy50%

* Denotes Operator

Buffalo is a project that has come out of Carnarvon’s innovation, an oilfield first discovered by BHP in 1996 with first oil 1999, the field produced 20.5MMbbls before being decommissioned by Nexen in 2004. Utilising full wave inversion technology (FWI) over existing 3D seismic, this work supports the interpretation of a significant unproduced attic oil accumulation arising from the sub-optimal positioning of early wells caused by poorly processed seismic data at the time. Carnarvon recently entered into a farmout agreement with Advance Energy to re-develop the field. Carnarvon has been working towards the drilling of Buffalo-10 improving its systems and processes and has an approved environmental plan. Buffalo-10 is on track to commence Q4 2021.