Core Value Description
Prepared to be different We encourage our people to think differently about all aspects of improving our business and importantly to then act differently to bring about changes that make a difference.


Our people are important We value the contribution of each and every member of our workforce. We want to invest in their personal development, reward their accomplishments and grow our own future leaders. We want a contribution of diverse inputs and we truly value the broad meaning of diversity, including through gender, age, religion and culture. Importantly we treat each other with respect.


We want high performance We want our people to be challenged at work and have the opportunity to achieve outcomes that they can be proud of.  We encourage innovation, accountability and collaboration and we hold each other accountable for our overall performance. We are constantly seeking to improve and want to learn from our challenges and our successes. We want to grow in a changing world, not be left behind.


Create sustainable value We are committed to creating value for the owners of our business based on sustainable financial performance and long-term growth. That means managing risk, and carefully considering each strategic, tactical and investment decision.


Be a trusted partner We are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of our employees, safeguarding the environment and work positively with our partners and the communities we work in. We want our partners to be proud to be associated with our company.


Our integrity is who we are


We maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct. Our business is built on long-lasting relationships, founded on trust. We want to be able to hold our heads high and know we always acted with integrity.


Be humble We take nothing for granted. There are always challenges ahead and nothing is a certainty. We carry ourselves with a quiet confidence and treat others the same way that we wish to be treated.